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Trust pilot

How can we get review to our website from trustpilot

Getting reviews on Trustpilot for your website involves several steps to encourage your customers to leave feedback. Here’s a guide to help you get started:

1.  Create a Trustpilot Business Account

   – Sign Up:

 Go to the Trustpilot business website and sign up for an account.

  • Verify Your Business:  Follow the instructions to verify your business details.

2. Integrate Trustpilot with Your Website

   – Widgets and Badges: Add Trustpilot widgets and badges to your website to showcase your Trustpilot rating and invite customers to leave reviews.

   – Email Invitations: Use Trustpilot’s automated email invitation service to request reviews from your customers after they’ve made a purchase.

 3. Encourage Customers to Leave Reviews

   – Post-Purchase Emails: Send an email to customers after their purchase, asking them to leave a review on Trustpilot. Include a direct link to your Trustpilot review page.

   – Incentives: Consider offering incentives, like discounts or coupons, for customers who leave a review. Make sure to comply with Trustpilot’s guidelines regarding incentives.

   – Social Media:  Share your Trustpilot profile on your social media channels and encourage your followers to leave reviews.

4. Provide Excellent Customer Service

   – Quality Service:  Ensure that your customers have a positive experience with your products and services. Happy customers are more likely to leave positive reviews.

   – Respond to Reviews:  Engage with customers by responding to their reviews on Trustpilot, showing that you value their feedback and are committed to improving your service.

5. Monitor and Manage Your Reviews

   – Regularly Check Reviews: Keep an eye on your Trustpilot profile for new reviews. Regularly check and respond to feedback.

   – Address Negative Reviews: Handle negative reviews professionally by addressing the customer’s concerns and providing solutions.

6. Promote Your Trustpilot Reviews

   – Display Reviews:  Highlight positive Trustpilot reviews on your website, product pages, and marketing materials to build trust with potential customers.

   – Share on Social Media: Share positive reviews on your social media platforms to demonstrate your credibility and customer satisfaction.

Example Email Invitation to Request a Review

By following these steps and actively engaging with your customers, you can effectively gather valuable reviews on Trustpilot, which can enhance your business’s credibility and attract more potential customers.

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